Finance for entrepreneurs

In the life of entrepreneurs, various events occur that affect the financial situation.

What decision to make and what are the consequences of such decisions?
These events have a big impact on your personal and business finances.
Financing and financial planning
Family situation and entrepreneurship
Risk and insurance
Profits, dividends, taxes
Entrepreneurs' pension, social payments
Starting a business, forms of ownership
Closing a business, transferring to another form of ownership
I offer an individual approach based on your specific personal situation and your business.
We discuss, analyze, optimize and plan.
What opportunities exist for certain life changes and their consequences.
Which solutions are more beneficial for you and your business and how to minimize the risk.
In financial planning, we consider your wishes and goals together and discuss steps to achieve them.
We build steps that fit into your life strategy and your business strategy.

Situations where I can help

opening a business and choosing a form of ownership, and financing;
profit maximization, dividend payment, tax optimization;
risk minimization, types of insurance for entrepreneurs, benefits for entrepreneurs;
transfer of inheritance
Marriage and divorce
how changes in marital status affect your business, how business affects your personal situation;
how it is settled for entrepreneurs, how to retire earlier, pension savings;
Closing a business
transition from one form of activity to another, complete closure of a business and the consequences.

As a proactive financial professional, I closely follow fiscal and legal developments in the Netherlands and around the world.

If there are any changes that are important to your assets or your situation, I will let you know immediately.

This way, you can be sure that you will never miss a good opportunity, but be alerted to the risks as well. And this is part of our joint work - financial planning!
The cost of individual work depends on the specific project, your situation and the request you make. Based on my experience, I can make an approximate cost of the costs.
Rate per hour - 175 euros ex. VAT for individuals
Rate per hour - 175 euros ex. VAT for entrepreneurs
«To make a lot of money is courage, to keep it is wisdom, and to spend it skillfully is an art»
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Individual consultation
Financial planning
duration of the first consultation 15 minutes
consultation duration 1 hour
You choose the date of consultation convenient for you in my calendar
After registration, you will receive an email with a link to pay for the consultation.
You choose a date convenient for you for a free 15-minute meeting in my calendar
After the meeting, I send a link to pay for the first month of financial mentoring
At the meeting we discuss your goals and expectations