Planning for your business

Do you want to create a clear working system for yourself and your business?
Learn how to write reports, understand them and make the right business decisions based not only on intuition but also on numbers?
Improve financial results in general?

Do you dream of moving from chaos to accounting and control over finances?

I offer an individual approach based on your specific personal situation and your business.

First, we audit your business or your business idea.
We make an analysis based on the available information.
We create leverage to optimize business and finances and learn how to influence business decisions.
We implement control and reporting: draw up a budget, P&L, etc.

You will receive ready-made tools that you can use.

Situations where I can help
Planning of income, expenses and profit
Management Accounting
Liquidity planning / cash flow
Drawing up a business plan
The cost of individual work depends on the specific project, your situation and the request you make. Based on my experience, I can make an approximate cost of the costs.
Rate per hour - 175 euros ex. VAT for individuals
Rate per hour - 175 euros ex. VAT for entrepreneurs
«Know what you own and why you own it»
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