Financial expert in the Netherlands

“I don’t want people to lose money due to a lack of basic knowledge of financial literacy. I WANT people to discover new financial opportunities for preserving and increasing capital.”

I am an expert practitioner.

Originally I’m from Belarus. In 2008 I moved to Belgium, where I learned the Dutch (Flemish) language up to C1 level in 1 year. I received an MSc MBA (honours) degree from the University of Antwerp.
My first job in Belgium was teaching integration and entrepreneurship courses.
Then, on a freelance basis, I began market research for commercial and non-profit organizations, helping companies in the preparation of their business and/or export plans. This gave me the opportunity to combine study with work and be financially independent.
Since the end of 2015, I have been living in Holland, Rotterdam. I have 5 years experience in corporate finance as a senior. My top priorities were optimizing business processes and improving the financial performance of the organization.

I have always been interested in personal finance.

I am in favour of creating long-term relationships in which the interests of the client are central.
Having childhood behind me during the revolution 90s, and several relocations to different countries, I built a budget and clearly planned my income and expenses.
Later, when there was a financial excess, I began to look for the best ways to preserve and increase my capital.
In 2021, I deepened my knowledge in fiscal and legal aspects by completing training in Financial Planning.
One of the reasons I started my company in 2021 was to help people discover new financial opportunities and create a peaceful future. Share my knowledge and experience.
I am a lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Business. I am acting as an invited speaker. I also lead projects: Investment group BeNeLux,
SMART integration, SMART studio.

My goal is to become a trusted advisor at critical moments in clients' lives. As well as jointly plan a prosperous future.

In my work, I combine financial, tax and legal expertise, knowledge and experience.
I also work with a wide range of professionals: tax consultants, accountants, and lawyers, which makes me a good sparring partner.
I’m looking forward to seeing you at consultation!
«Know what you own and why you own it»
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