Financial expert in the Netherlands
“I want people not to lose money due to a lack of basic knowledge of financial literacy, but to discover new financial opportunities for preserving and increasing capital.”
I am an expert practitioner.
Originally from Belarus. In 2008 I moved to Belgium, where I learned Dutch up to the C1 level in 1 year. With honours received an MSc MBA degree from the University of Antwerp.
My first job in Belgium was teaching integration and entrepreneurship courses.
Then, on a freelance basis, I began to do market research for commercial and non-profit organizations, helping companies in the preparation of their business or export plans. This gave me the opportunity to combine study with work and be financially independent.
Since the end of 2015, I have been living in Holland, Rotterdam. 5 years in corporate finance as a senior. Optimizing business processes and improving the financial performance of the organization were my top priorities.
I have always been interested in personal finance.
I am in favor of creating long-term relationships in which the interests of the client are central.
Having childhood behind me during the revolution 90s, and several relocations to different countries, I built a budget and clearly planned my income and expenses.
Later, when there was a financial excess, I began to look for the best ways to preserve and increase my capital.
In 2021, I deepened my knowledge in fiscal and legal aspects by completing training in Financial Planning.
One of the reasons I started my company in 2021 was to help people discover new financial opportunities and create a peaceful future. Share my knowledge and experience.
I am a lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Business. I am acting as an invited speaker. I also lead projects: Investment group BeNeLux,
SMART integration, SMART studio.
My goal is to become a trusted advisor at critical moments in clients' lives. As well as jointly plan a prosperous future.
In my work, I combine financial, tax and legal expertise, knowledge and experience.
I also work with a wide range of professionals: tax consultants, accountants, and lawyers, which makes me a good sparring partner.
Looking forward to seeing you at consultation!
«Know what you own and why you own it»
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